A Reimagined Crisp, Clean Tennis Style

The very first types of tennis shoes, which had rubber soles and canvas uppers were designed and manufactured during the early 18th century and designed for the British Navy to use on their slippery decks.

The tennis shoe, as it were came onto the market around 1892 and were called plimsolls. These rubber soled shoes had no left or right foot and were named sneakers because they were silent when you walked, unlike the shoes of the day that had solid hard soles and made quite a noise when walking.

These shoes remained essentially the same in design from that time until around the late 1960’s when a number of different designs became popular, as different companies started to design their own versions of the tennis shoe.

The tennis shoe is the original athletic shoe or sneaker as we know it today, but is a far cry from the tennis shoes that you can find on the market today as these are specifically made to accommodate the tennis player, while other forms of the shoe have been developed to accommodate other sportsmen such as runners.

The adidas S.C. Premiere is based on 40 years of adidas’ court shoe silhouettes.

The sneaker is constructed from a premium leather upper, which sits atop a rubber midsole and an off-white outsole. The SC Premiere is finished with a contrasting heel tab and a trefoil logo window on the lateral side.

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